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Dec 30 11

Home: An introduction

by Sidney

Welcome to my website.  Where to start? I’ll skip the early years and begin with my legal career. For forty three years, I was a trial lawyer specializing in corporate litigation. No, I did not represent the corporations but the minority stockholders who sued them. I started when I was twenty seven and retired at sixty eight. My important cases, i.e. the ones I won, are reported in my memoir A Happy Life: from courtroom to classroom. When I retired from law, I enrolled in Columbia University’s graduate school. I concentrated in philosophy and earned a master’s degree. My life in grad school, competing with students forty years, more or less, my junior, is also reported in my memoirs.  Buoyed by success in graduate school, I turned to chess. Why not become a master in chess? I had played chess for many years but was a patzer.  To improve, I hired a tutor, Lev Alburt, an international grand master. When he said I was ready, I entered a tournament. My opponents ranged in age from ten to fourteen. I won some games but lost too many. I did obtain a chess rating, a very low one. After chess, I wrote a novel What Money Can Buy.  It’s a fictionalized account of the causes of the Great Recession of October, 2008. You can buy that book and my memoirs as well, online or at your favorite bookstore. There’s also a link to the books. read more…